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After receiving the floor plan of the exhibition space, it is necessary to check all the requirements and standards of the fairgrounds and on the basis of them to make a project - a drawing of the exhibition space. Each project must be sent to the fairgrounds for approval by a certain deadline. You can expect a positive answer only with 100% consideration of their requirements and standards (which differ between fairs!).

Upon final confirmation of the project, it is necessary to order all the connections you need (after the project) at the exhibition space. In the event that you undertake this task yourself, consult the setter in advance about the correct choice, but you can leave it to us. As a rule, any subsequent ordering means significantly higher costs than usual.

Exhibits that we take to the fairgrounds must be delivered to our warehouse on time, in appropriate packaging and with the necessary documents (or prepared in time in case of collection in your warehouse). It is necessary to consider that the trucks are loaded on time and it is necessary to plan the distribution of the load in advance. Late delivery can mean a waste of valuable assembly time!

Plan to arrive at the exhibition space at least one day before the opening of the fair. With a sufficiently early collection, it is possible to make any minor corrections.

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