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The creation of an exhibition space based on the client's wishes and our many years of experience is a combination of all types of fair constructions and advanced technology, which enable the client to present the company in an attractive and unique way.

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With the warehouse and our own fleet, we strive for ecological orientation, as we reduce the generation of waste generated after the completion of the project by transporting and storing various elements of the fair stand.

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Making a stand with the help of advanced communication tools enables our customers both visually and technologically functional advanced presentation of the company.

To achieve interactivity in the exhibition space, we use the latest available tools of advanced digital communication, which include displaying reality in a different way, by displaying 3D content through various media that will impress your visitors (holograms, video wall, WR and AR technology, touch screen…) and encourage them to participate.

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We design trade fair solutions, build trade fair layouts, offer consulting, design and construction of turnkey trade fair stands and develop technologically advanced services for our customers.

We advise and assist clients in arranging and coordinating the documentation required by the fairgrounds, for the registration and implementation of the fair stand at the respective fairgrounds.


We create a 3D drawing of the project, which provides a clear picture of the concept and follows the technical requirements of each fairgrounds. The visual presentation of the exhibition space enables timely changes and adjustments to your wishes and needs.


We take full care of the realization of the project. We arrange formal confirmation, arrange the order of technical connections and cleaning the stand. With our experienced collaborators, we ensure a quality and professional installation, including the installation of your exhibition exhibits.


With our own fleet, we ensure fast and safe transport of equipment and exhibition exhibits to the fairgrounds. If necessary, we can also pick up the exhibits in your warehouse.


We take care of the appropriate and safe storage of fair elements and your exhibition exhibits until the next fair presentation. Storage is enabled by the ECO"RE" stand concept.


When organizing various events, we offer rental of fair constructions and equipment (chairs, tables, refrigerators, floor coverings, kitchens ...), transport, assembly, and disassembly.



WINsystems, London

Fair: ICE, square footage: 312,00 m2, layout: island, flooring: carpet, walls: chipboard + textiles, hanging: ALU construction + colored plywood + textiles

Port of Venice, München

Fair: Transport Logistic, square footage: 55,00 m2, layout: angular, flooring: laminat, walls: dyed plywood, hanging: ALU construction for lights

Intra Lightning, Frankfurt

Fair: Light & Building, square footage: 352,00 m2, layout: island, flooring: chipboard, walls: dyed plywood, hanging: ALU construction + textiles

M Sora, Dunaj

Fair: Bauen & Energie, square footage: 77,50 m2, layout: angular, flooring: carpet, walls: chipboard + textiles, hanging: ALU construction for lights

WTL, Dusseldorf

Fair: Schweissen & Schneiden, square footage: 99,00 + 28,00 m2, layout: island + floor, flooring: carpet, walls: chipboard

INEL, Nürnberg

Fair: Light&building, square footage: 352,00 m2, layout: island, flooring: laminate, walls: barvana iverica, hanging: ALU construction + textiles

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In 2015, we carried out a fair installation project for Donit Tesnit at Achema 2015 in Frankfurt with EMS. We designed Donit's exhibition space at Pristop together with SoNo architects, and then selected EMS as the contractor for the project. From the beginning to the end, the cooperation was fair and in accordance with the agreements. Both we and the agency, and above all the client of the project, were satisfied with the implementation of the project, the professionalism of the team and, last but not least, the final appearance of the exhibition space.

Nataša Mithans, PRISTOP

We have been cooperating well with EMS Sejmi for several years. They perform their work with quality and professionality at every step. They follow the wishes of the customer and with their knowledge contribute to the excellent presentation of our products at fairs. Guys just keep going!

Nejc Mrežar, HERZ

Thank you for all the up-to-date communication and correct business relationship in preparation for the fair. We are satisfied with the response of customers and newly acquired customers, and next year we plan to gain even more long-term customers, especially in Eastern Europe.

Sandra Benedik, EUROCOM

We entrusted our first fair installation to the company EMS Sejmi d.o.o., which with its approach and attitude to the project enabled us a safe, but above all visible and successful presentation of our company. Kudos to the whole team.

Borut Cencelj, INEL

We have been cooperating with EMS Sejmi for many years. During this time, we conducted numerous fair presentations for the most demanding domestic and foreign clients in various EU countries. At company EMS Sejmi, we appreciate their understanding of projects, sense of detail, top quality workmanship and openness in finding "out of box" solutions.


With the company EMS Sejmi d.o.o. We have built an excellent partnership over the years because they are reliable, highly specialized and know how to realize complex projects. They are a very high-quality team that also takes the project from the beginning to the end in detail, including the sometimes too strenuous administration of fairgrounds. In addition to professionalism in implementation, they treat the costs of the client responsibly and always strive to reduce the cost of projects, with their ecological orientation and many years of experience. They are a real and reliable business partner.

Dimitrij Živec, INTRA LIGHTING

GREAT GREAT! Even in such a stressful situation, you always listen to the client's dreams and try to wake him up as gently as possible. :)) You are the best team and another of the few, from the owner to the employees, to persevere in these complicated times. I believe that we will be able to work together for a long time, but in any case we will never forget 🙂